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Goofy Gokarts 1.0


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Description of
Goofy Gokarts
Goofy Gokarts is a fun and action packed 3d racer. Take control of up to 6 different goofy looking characters, each in their own gokart. Race against the computer and/or a second player, in either world, custom or random tournaments. While trying to outrun your opponents, collect powerups to make sure you'll be the first over the finish line. Powerups can either be rocket launchers, pipe bombs, toxic mushrooms, defensive shields, or even rocket fuel to make your gokart even speedier. Up to 15 different powerups to collect, each more wacky than the last. When the ready-made circuits become too well known, there is a built-in editor, that allows you to create your own circuits.

The game features:
World, Custom and Random tournament modes
6 different characters to choose from
Fun action packed racer physics
Goofy cartoony graphics
1 & 2 player modes, 2 player splitscreen
Many fun powerups to collect, including:
Sticky oil
Rocket fuel
Proximity mine
Defensive shield
Rocket launcher
Mini gun
Pulse laser
Bowling ball
Ninja star
Piggy bomb
Razor wheels
Smoke exaust
Pipe bombs
Toxic mushroom
Powerups includes various weapons, such as rocket launchers, pipe bombs, mini guns, and more
5 beautiful sceneries, including grass, desert, snow, rain and sunset.
Built-in editor, that allows for custom made circuits
Fun for hours.
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Goofy Gokarts
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Author: Jeppe Nielsen
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
File Size: 8.4 MB
Downloads: 20

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